#SmartSolarStorage2020: An installer’s guide to sizing a residential energy storage system

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Source: Energy-Storage News

With everything going on right now around COVID-19, there has been an increase in installers’ and customers’ desires for information. Aric Saunders of Electriq Power, based in California, goes back to basics to support the large group of installers that are just now trying to get into the storage business.

People have time now to get their house in order during these uncertain times, with much of North America sheltered in place, at home. Installers aren’t managing crews and scheduling and procurement. They too have the time right now to get their business in order and spend some more time understanding what is going on with storage.

That’s why we’re also getting as much content and resources together as possible for both installers and homeowners. This blog post for is one of those examples.

The well-known adage ‘one-size doesn’t fit all’ rings true when it comes to energy storage. We’re all energy consumers, some much more than others, so determining the amount of energy you actually need throughout the day can be difficult to answer. The solution requires some research on both the homeowner’s and the installer’s side before settling on a properly sized system. The best way to determine the size of an energy storage system is to break the process down into two steps:

  1. Conducting a load analysis while setting customer expectations
  2. Conducting a solar analysis

Load analysis that makes sense

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