Sustainable Community Networks

Complete, clean, affordable, and reliable energy for homeowners

For the first time, homeowners, local governments, and utilities work in partnership to enable a smarter and more resilient electrical grid.


Cities &


By partnering with communities, Electriq creates Sustainable Community Networks (SCNs) that benefit from solar+storage solutions with no up-front investment needed from the homeowners.


  • Zero up-front cost energy available to any residential property owner
  • No more worrying about electricity price increases
  • Renewable energy stays on even when the grid goes down

Cities & municipalities

  • Gives communities greater control to meet their climate initiatives and power needs while reducing demand for new power lines and power plants
  • Increases available power for the whole community — even during extreme weather events
  • Offered to homeowners of any income level


  • Helps meet mandates for providing power to low- to middle- income (LMI) households
  • Smooths electricity generation peaks, increasing the stability of the overall grid for communities
  • Provides utilities with greater control over demand and provision

Where do homeowners find Electriq’s SCNs?


  • Complete solar+storage solution and installation – including state-of-the-art battery back-up for power outages
  • No up-front payment required by homeowners
  • Delivered in partnership with cities and municipalities to give homeowners peace-of-mind
  • Increased reliability and resiliency of the grid across the community
  • Always-on clean, affordable energy available to all homeowners!


The following cities are where you can find us today: