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Why PowerPod?


PowerPod is the most affordable energy storage solution on the market and pays for itself in as little as 4 years.

High Efficiency

92% roundtrip efficiency ensuring maximum performance and operation.


Fit any size home by adding more power or energy, even years down the road.

Generator Compatible

Supports autonomous off-grid applications. An autostart generator integration option is also available.

Software Intelligence

Our intelligent software allows you to monitor your energy and automate cost savings.


The PowerPod is backed with a 10-year warranty* ensuring long-lasting functionality and support.

Modes of Operation

In Savings mode, the inverter remains grid-connected, but prioritizes the use of battery and renewable sources to run loads during high rate periods. Power supplied from the batteries will attempt to match the load for as long as possible during peak Time-of-Use (TOU).

In Self-Supply mode, the PowerPod prioritizes powering local loads with solar and/or stored power first. The PowerPod will use generated solar power to recharge batteries before any power is exported to the grid. If the battery is full and a surplus of power is available, that surplus is exported to the grid. If the battery is depleted and no solar power is available, power is drawn from the grid to power loads as a last-priority source.

In some markets, solar PV systems are prohibited from back-feeding to the AC grid. For these applications, PowerPod has Net Zero Export mode – a subset of Self-Consumption mode. The key difference is that when the batteries are full and there are no loads, rather than sending excess power to the grid, the PowerPod will limit power generation such that it matches the power consumed by local loads resulting in no exported power.

In Backup mode, the PowerPod prioritizes keeping batteries charged and ready for grid interruption, using only solar power. When grid service is interrupted, the system will automatically begin islanding, powering local loads with solar power or stored battery power.

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