Hardware Engineer

Principal Software Architect

ElectrIQ Power, Inc. Hayward, CA USA

Employment Type:

Regular, Full-Time

Why Work Here?

“ElectrIQ Power, Inc. is dedicated to developing best-in-class solutions for a cleaner, more proactive world.”

Summary of Responsibilities:

ElectrIQ Power is looking for a hands-on Principal Software Architect to make intuitive high-level decisions for software development. The successful candidate will be responsible for the company’s dashboard interface, back-end API, and web-connected Raspberry Pi units running Raspbian 2.4.4. Most of our software is maintained in Python 2.7, with plans to upgrade to Python 3.5 or better. The successful candidate will also be writing code using Sunspec Alliance and raw Modbus protocols using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and raw RS-485 interfaces.

You will plan, manage and assist in building the infrastructure to take ElectriQ energy storage systems from 50 installations to 1000 and beyond.

You will be responsible for helping to build and manage our development team, as well as performing a wide range of challenging tasks, leading and engineering various software development projects in co-ordination with product, marketing and business teams.

You are familiar with a broad range of state-of-the-art software technologies and processes, able to quickly learn what you are not familiar with and are able to pick the best tools for the job at hand. You are a great language-agnostic programmer and have good product sense.

You are comfortable in an environment with steep learning curves and constantly changing requirements. You value rapid development with a focus on high quality and can help build a framework to allow us to prototype new features while writing documentation and code.

You will operate and analyze our energy storage systems to verify their performance. Write, implement, and optimize algorithms that automate storage/solar system energy usage with programming languages such as Python, assembly, C or C++. Applies designs to develop new products within the guidelines of development plans established and approved by the Company.


I/O interface design, programming, prototyping and management of projects making a market contribution to the company’s products. Establish protocol and conduct or supervise software that tests functionality of new software requirements and company product and prototypes. Software development from concept/prototype phases through product launch. Analysis of the hazards associated with new and modified products. Due to close interaction with the hardware and service technician industries, ISO- and/or GMP-compliant documentation and process development experience preferred, but is not required.

Financial Responsibility:
Not applicable except as assigned by management.


Primary interactions are with R&D, Sales, and Operations groups. Assists with documentation; drawings, diagrams, charts, etc. as needed. Often, engineers are required to interact with customers, solar installers and distributors in the process of evaluating devices, procedures product function and automation. Other interactions are required as designated by management.

Decision Making:

Engineers are generally expected to make decisions within the scope of the development of a product. Decision making responsibilities include, but are not limited to software specification, system architecture, system optimization, system automation, component specification, electronic tools, pricing, and vendor selection and cost analysis.

Project supervision to meet milestones.  Supervision of technicians and other company resources as required by the specific project.

Job Requirements:
Education and Experience:
• Minimum of BS degree (MS preferred) or equivalent experience in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering.

• 5-6 years experience in smart grid product development, preferably in UL and IEC regulated environments.

• Previous experience in software development, inverter control using Sunspec Alliance and Modbus APIs.

• Providing second-tier technical support by interacting with customers in field.

Knowledge / Skills:
• Skilled programmer, familiar with a range of programming languages (Python & Javascript required)

• Embedded systems, analog & digital I/O and driver firmware.

• ARM processors running a Linux distribution, such as Raspbian.

• Use open-source electronics platforms, like Arduino, to protype and test I/O product interface concepts

• Design, build, and test basic PCBs using tools like Autodesk EAGLE.

• Hybrid Inverters and Associated Hardware

• Power Disaggregation Concepts and Algorithms

• Debugging

• Strong hands-on work style.

• Independent and detail-oriented.

• Knowledgeable in product development process.

• Strong interpersonal skills, flexible, and can work effective as a team player.

Reports to: CTO
Date: Monday, October 1, 2018

Calling the big idea thinkers, the hands-on doers—we’re ElectrIQ Power, a leader in the cleantech industry. We believe in the granular and the big picture, the art and the science, the team and the individual, the work and the life. As our business grows, we grow together. We could not do this without the expertise of truly innovative people.

ElectrIQ Power is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination against any applicant because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

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