Affected by PSPS Outages?

The PowerPod 2 is the smart home battery backup system designed to save on electricity costs and protect against blackouts.

Experience the Benefits of PowerPod 2

Utility Bill Savings

Maximize savings on your utility bill by pairing your PowerPod 2 with solar.

Reliable Backup Power

When grid power goes down, maintain power to critical home appliances ensuring safety and peace-of-mind.

Outdoor Rated

NEMA 3R rated enclosures for complete flexibility in the installation location.

On/Off Grid

Supports autonomous off-grid applications. An autostart generator integration option is available and can be DC-coupled for brand new systems or installed without solar.

LFP Batteries

LiFePO4 chemistry means longer battery life and increased safety.

Environmentally Friendly

Using energy storage can delay or avoid the need to build additional power plants and reduce emissions harmful to the planet.

Grid Services

OpenADR 2.0b-certified solution that is ready for your ADR programs. For the immediate aggregation of an existing fleet of storage systems, PowerADR is another option.

Home Energy Management

Automated cost saving through energy rate arbitrage and system power flow control.

Monitor & Control with the Electriq Power App

The Electriq Power app provides analytics and insight on production, consumption, and storage data in an intuitively designed interface.

Correlating utility rates, weather predictions, historical consumption, and other factors, Electriq View automates savings by controlling the PowerPod and other smart appliances to lower energy consumption during peak rates.

The Electriq Power app is available on both web and mobile applications, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the cloud.

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Hand holding iPhone showing the Real-Time Power Flow view of the Electriq Power App

Access Anywhere

Modes of Operation

In Backup mode, the PowerPod prioritizes keeping batteries charged and ready for grid interruption, using only solar power. When grid service is interrupted, the system will automatically begin islanding, powering local loads with solar power or stored battery power.

In Self-Supply mode, the PowerPod prioritizes powering local loads with solar and/or stored power first. The PowerPod will use generated solar power to recharge batteries before any power is exported to the grid. If the battery is full and a surplus of power is available, that surplus is exported to the grid. If the battery is depleted and no solar power is available, power is drawn from the grid to power loads as a last-priority source.

In TOU mode, the inverter remains grid-connected, but prioritizes the use of battery and renewable sources to run loads during high rate periods. Power supplied from the batteries will attempt to match the load for as long as possible during peak Time-of-Use (TOU).

In Custom Mode, you are able to set discharge and charge periods to match your specific energy lifestyle. Once a schedule is set, the system will strictly adhere to these time periods while discharging or charging. When discharging in this mode, all other modifiers are ignored except for the battery reserve value set by the user and battery’s current state of charge. When charging in this mode, the predetermined time periods that are set by the user are the only hours that the battery will attempt to charge to 100%. This mode is only available on AC coupled systems.

Technical Specs

PowerPod 2

Inverter Size
7.6 kW

Usable Capacity
10, 15, 20

Size (W x H x D) (inches)
27.5″ x 50″ x 9″ (Battery) & 18″ x 33.7” x 6″ (Inverter)


Charge Rate

Output Power – Instant
9.12 kW

Output Power – Continuous
7.6 kW

Efficiency (CEC)
PV (Max) – 97.6%
PV (CEC) – 97.2%

Temp Range
0°C – 50°C

Max Altitude
3000 meters

Cycle Life

Enclosure Rating
Outdoor (NEMA 3R)


10 Years

Battery Chemistry
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4)

Starting at 346 lbs

Communication with PowerHub
WiFi; Electriq Power 4G (Add-On)

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