Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our system will power your entire home or business and hard-starting devices like motors, air conditioners, furnaces, pool pumps, etc.
This depends on the total size of your home or small business, as well as the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis. All IQ Systems are designed to be modular; meaning it can be scaled up by adding additional batteries and inverters to meet any sized application even years after the fact. We’re happy to help determine what works best for your needs. Contact us at
Yes! Ideal setups are when your home or small business are already equipped with solar. You can now unlock the ability to store that unused energy and consume it as you please.

Yes! A micro-grid is created seamlessly by load balancing between the battery, inverter, solar arrays or any other renewable resource.
Each system is able to integrate with both AC and DC applications.
It is pronounced the same way as you say “Electric”.