IQ System

Plug and Play Sustainable Energy System

Power the Connected Home

The IQ System is a complete home energy solution that stores energy from the grid, solar or both and uses that energy to power your home. Our hybrid inverters are hardware agnostic and will easily integrate on both AC and DC for easy retrofits or brand new, stand-alone systems. No matter how small or large your solar array is, our smart DC bus charges batteries directly from solar panels without going through an inverter. Our plug and play design ensures peace of mind and ease of installation.

Manage your system remotely. Each system is built-in with an Ethernet Module and WiFi that deliver personalized recommendations to better optimize your energy efficiency and can be secyrely accessed anytime, anywhere – 24/7. Start reaping the benefits today!


Peace of Mind

Remote alerts will inform you of any fault diagnostics, blackouts, and more.

Optimize Energy

View detailed reports that will give you recommendations based on your activity.

Rate Arbitrage

Use grid energy when the rate is low or charge from solar for maximum savings.

Enhanced Safety

All systems are safe to operate indoors where generators are not.


All-inclusive with no additional parts to purchase or install.


Access a web-based dashboard to view personalized analytical data.


Fully intuitive software that automatically maximizes your energy efficiency.

Enhanced Safety

Each system allows for unprecedented connectivity, which enables complete visibility to your home’s security.


Manage your energy consumption, storage, grid-sharing and more via any smart device or computer.


The Dashboard unlocks total insight into your energy consumption and gives personalized recommendations.

Alert System

Receive automated alerts that inform you in real-time of how your system has configured itself.



10 kWh
12 kW Peak / 8 kW Continuous
Dimensions (L x W x D)
48.5” x 48” x 12” /
1232mm x 1219mm x 304mm
Smart Battery 335 lbs / 151 kg
Inverter 51 lbs / 23 kg

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