IQ Storage

The single battery solution for your energy storage needs.

IQ Storage

The IQ Storage packs 10 kWh of reliable lithium-ion cells backed by a 10-year warranty.  An easy-to-install battery that is suitable for both wall and floor mounting. Each battery pack is capable of 5 kW of peak power or 4 kW continuous and can easily be expanded to 90 kWh using multiple packs. Each battery has 8.5 kWh of usable capacity with a round trip efficiency of greater than 93%.
Never worry about your battery going dead by connecting the IQ Storage with your solar array to automatically recharge your battery every day. Alternatively, couple the IQ Storage with the IQ Inverter for a complete home energy storage solution.
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*The average solar system is 7-7.5 kWh, which typically produces between 25 kWh peak in the winter and 50 kWh in the summer. Two batteries can maximize battery energy production with inverter output.

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Modular and Expandable

Each IQ System is expandable up to 100 kWh per inverter.

Rate Arbitrage

Buy energy when it’s low or charge from solar for maximum savings.

Enhanced Security

Specify a percentage of your battery pack to be used for backup in case of an emergency outage.

Battery Features

Total Storage10 kWh
Usable Storage @ 85%8.5 kWh
Nominal Discharge5 kW
Peak Discharge7 kW
Voltage Range45.2 - 58.1V DC
Temperature Range-10 to 50 degrees C
Cycles @ 85%6500

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