IQ Inverter

The single-inverter solution for grid-interactive islanding performance.

IQ Inverter

This plug-and-play, ultra-lightweight tranformerless design provides instant power when you need it. With integrated DC breakers for PV and batteries, installations are simpler and far more efficient than AC-coupled or conventional DC-coupled designs. Ideal for self-consumption and ready for grid services like demand response.

Couple the IQ Inverter with the IQ Storage to complete your home energy system!

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Easy Integration with IQ Storage

Connect the IQ Storage to the IQ Inverter without additional hardware.


The IQ Inverter automatically discovers other connected IQ hardware.

Automatic Transfer

Support 120/240V critical loads with built-in automatic transfer switch for off-grid operation, even with three-phase systems.

Operational Modes

Selectable modes for Grid Connect, Self Supply for Net Grid Zero, Clean Backup, Priority Backup.

Remote Access

Access a web-based dashboard, via smart device or desktop, to view personalized analytical data.


Connection simplicity for ease of installation to energy sources, storage, loads, and the grid.

Inverter Features

Power7600 W
WarrantyStandard (10), extended (20) years
SafetyLow voltage DC never exceeds 60 volts
ReliabilityNo single point of failure

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