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Complete Energy Control

More Than a High Performance Home

Grid instability from natural disasters leaves every home susceptible to unplanned power outages. The ElectrIQ PowerPod gives homeowners control over their family’s safety and security during grid disturbances. Add solar to the batteries, and homeowners have a complete, resilient and clean power plant.

The residential, “green” construction market is estimated to exceed $100 million in 2018 with 84% of all construction having sustainable features, and high performance homes can command up to a 10% price premium over standard construction. Typically, high performance means homes have advanced energy efficiency measures built in, but the ElectrIQ PowerPod takes performance to a whole new level. Rather than only relying on “passive” efficiency features that homeowners never engage with and experience, the ElectrIQ PowerPod monitors and orchestrates onsite generation, storage and smart appliances to maximize energy efficiency, clean power consumption, and backup power availability – offering homeowners an active smart energy experience.

Turnkey Smart Energy Home

On-demand backup power is just one feature of an ElectrIQ PowerPod-equipped home. Using our fully-integrated battery energy storage and home energy management system as the foundation of a smart energy home enables builders to offer an unrivaled experience to potential buyers. What’s a Smart Energy Home exactly? It’s one that doesn’t require homeowners to do anything – it optimizes efficiency, automates decisions and provides personalized recommendations without homeowners having to learn a new program or push any buttons.

Grid Independence

Solar + storage enables backup power when the power is out

ElectrIQ View

Monitor and manage everything from anywhere with the cloud-based app


ElectrIQ PowerPod’s can work in unison to power entire communities

Lower Costs

Potential to reduce initial utility interconnection costs


Remote, automated updates ensure that the home evolves with the homeowner

Ease of Installation

Fully-integrated, minimal wiring and low footprint enable easy, quick installations

Smart Efficiency

Personalized & automated energy efficiency measures

Total Monitoring

Solar, battery, electric vehicle, smart appliances and whole home monitoring

Virtual Power Plant

ElectrIQ PowerPod owners may be able to earn revenue by supporting the local utility

Flexible, Customized Packages

ElectrIQ will work closely with your team to meet your development goals. Whether it’s a single home or a thousand-unit development, our team is ready to help. We already have partnerships with leading solar panel, electric vehicle charger and smart home companies, so we can put together a complete smart energy product suite for you to incorporate or offer. But we’re not just a vendor, we’re a partner. Our sales and engineering experts will support you every step of the way from electrical design and permitting, to installation and commissioning.

Fleet Monitoring and Neighborhood Microgrids

Deploying multiple ElectrIQ PowerPod’s within a development offers builders and homeowners a promising new value proposition. When neighboring systems are aggregated and operated in unison, it creates a “Virtual Power Plant” and can potentially enable that community to provide energy services to the local utility or operate as its own self-contained, microgrid energy system. ElectrIQ offers fleet level monitoring and management solutions to unlock that value, and our experts will work with you to define and enable the business model that achieves your goals.

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