About Us

Our History

Electriq Power, Inc. set up its first lab in a garage in San Leandro, CA in late 2014. After purchasing a totaled Nissan Leaf and stripping the battery and computers for parts, the Electriq team went to work attempting to build their first home battery prototype. After four months of building, testing, rebuilding, and retesting, Electriq’s first energy storage prototype was complete.

Over the next few years, the team grew, investors emerged, and Electriq’s original prototype evolved into its first consumer-ready smart home battery, the IQ System. And even though the energy storage market was still in its infancy, consumers recognized the dire need for home energy storage.

Electriq Today

Fast forward to present day, we now occupy over 27,000 sq. ft. at our headquarters in San Leandro, CA, and 5,000 sq. ft. in our West Palm Beach, FL location. Our home battery systems can be found in customers’ homes and small businesses all over the world. Electriq Power has even donated systems to hurricane-stricken areas like Puerto Rico and Haiti to help them become more resilient during dangerous weather conditions.


Our Mission

We passionately believe in distributed energy storage solutions to shape our world’s environmental and economic future that are prudent, panoramic, and serve all demographics with parity.

Prudentacting with or showing care and thought for the future.

Panoramicincluding all aspects of a subject; wide-ranging; global.

Paritythe state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status.