About Us

Who We Are

ElectrIQ Power is a technology company developing hardware and software solutions for the cleantech space. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals in engineering, software development, marketing, finance, and commercial real estate.

Why We’re Here

As technology extends into all areas of our lives, we must use these advancements to take care of our planet.  At ElectrIQ Power, we’re not just specialists in renewable energy – we also know how to help power the world with sustainable energy. We are dedicated to developing best-in-class solutions for a cleaner, more proactive world.

Our Secret

We’re Genuine

From every touch point to our installers and distributors down to our customers, we strive to make everyone a part of our team. By sharing and listening to ideas on an individual level, we achieve outstanding results in the business we do.

We’re Passionate

We bring passion, integrity and pride to our work because we truly do believe in the possibility of a world run on sustainable energy.

We’re Pioneering

We are constantly looking to for ways to innovate upon the traditional means of energy use and distribution. Our most recent example is the ElectrIQ Power Grid Platform. A service that gives IQ System owners the option to share their stored energy. Once the process is repeated, this aggregated storage is used to help the grid become more secure and stable using sustainable energy.

We’re Adaptable

We love flexibility! Our products are modular and scalable to fit any-sized energy or power need with the same hardware solution. It can integrate with existing solar or can stand alone with a new solar installation, which offer customers excellent adaptability to a wide variety of requirements.

Our People

Chadwick Manning
CEO & Co-Founder

Jim Lovewell
CTO & Co-Founder

Donald Morris
VP of Manufacturing
John Wai
Bonnie Nugent
General Counsel

Robert Webster
President, Canadian Operations

Jeff Besen
VP of Operations
Kevin Manning
VP of Strategy
Arjun Vasan
VP of Software and Product

Nathan Garvey
VP of Engineering

Brandon Sanchez
Director of Marketing
Marta Ponzoni
Full Stack Developer
Chris Millsap
Full Stack Developer


Our Advisors

Woody Gibson

Bob Fish

Rob Reagan
Frank Magnotti

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We’re always seeking outstanding talent! Drop us a line below.

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