Stalwart IQ System

Energy storage solutions for any scenario

Stalwart IQ System (SIQS)

The Stalwart IQ System (SIQS) delivers off-grid power solutions for any scenario and for a reasonable cost. Unlike the disparate systems on the market, SIQS is an all-in-one system that was designed for breaking away from the grid.

Built from durablehigh-quality components, making it suitable to be installed inside and out. SIQS employs a secure energy management application running on a hardened operating system. It is designed to operate under a wide range of physical conditions such as harsh weather, or kinetic damagesuch as from a bullet strike. SIQS can be scaled to the needs of a range of users, which will help make the national grid more secure over time.

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Hardened System

Withstands harsh conditions from large temperature ranges to category five hurricanes and can be reinforced with Kevlar to make it bullet proof.

Self-Generation and Consumption

The SIQS can be grid tied or act as an off-grid solution.

Distributed Power Supply

Can sustain a backup power supply during a natural disaster or single point of attack.

Energy Analytics and Open Platform

In-depth analytics on energy consumption, production, and storage levels that can be viewed in a cloud based or local environment.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Combine the SIQS with renewable energy or diesel power generation, to maintain indefinite power supply for critical equipment.

Smoothing Capabilities

Automated software ensures no drop in voltage during power distribution.


BATTERYLithium Iron Phosphate or Lithium Titanate
ENCLOSUREStainless Steel Enclosure, Kevlar Lining (Optional)
Integrated AirCon, Water Heating/Cooling (Optional)
CAPACITY130 kWh per Enclosure, (10 kWh per module)

Ability to parallel up to 5 enclosures on a single building
WARRANTY10 Year warranty with a O+M service life of 20 years

UL 1741 / IEEE 1547
OPERATING TEMPERATURE-50 degrees to 65 degrees C

150 mph Winds, Saltwater Resistant, Bullet Proof (Optional)
EXPECTED BATTERY LIFEDaily Cycle Operation, 10+ years
WEIGHT OF INTEGRATED BESS~1000 to 3000 lbs (Depending on Capacity and Power)

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The rapid growth in energy demand, the need for sustainable energy, and the susceptibility of the national grid to attack demands an energy storage system that can endure.

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