Christian Fong Joins ElectrIQ Power’s Board of Advisors

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Christian Fong Joins ElectrIQ Power’s Board of Advisors

ElectrIQ Power, a leading developer of intelligent energy management software and integrator of energy storage solutions, today announced the appointment of Christian Fong to its Board of Advisors.

Christian Fong, CFA currently serves as an Independent Director at Terraform Power and Spruce Finance. In addition, he is the CEO, and co-founder, of Fong Management, LLC, which helps companies and leaders in power, renewable energy and financial technology industries grow and solve critical strategic challenges.

“Christian Fong brings a wealth of experience from the renewable energy and financing industry, which strengthens our access to project financing and our network within the solar and utility industries,” said ElectrIQ Power CEO Chadwick Manning. “The team and I are excited to work with Christian, and he will be a key influencer in ElectrIQ Power’s strategy and success.”

“Renewable energy has already become an important part of millions of people’s electricity choice. Tying together the next generation of batteries and smart devices is a huge market. ElectrIQ Power has created an elegant solution to make that easy for the average homeowner,” Fong said. “I’m excited to work with Chad Manning to see his company grow, and get discovered by more of the smart home and cleantech industries.”

Fong was a pioneer of renewable energy yieldcos, co-founding Renewable Energy Trust Capital (RET) in 2010, and growing to nearly $1 billion of wind and solar PV assets. Fong served as COO and Chief Investment Officer, eventually selling RET to BlueMountain Capital. Prior to founding RET, Mr. Fong served as a Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Capital Markets at Transamerica, as CEO of Corridor Recovery, Inc., as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and as a candidate for Governor of Iowa.

About ElectrIQ Power

ElectrIQ Power is dedicated to developing intelligent energy management and storage systems that maximize the value of batteries, renewable energy and smart devices. We provide homeowners and small businesses bill savings and smart backup power through our fully-integrated IQ System, and offer load serving entities turnkey virtual power plant solutions. Founded in 2014 and based in Palo Alto, California, ElectrIQ Power is on a mission to innovate our way to a smarter, cleaner and more efficient world.

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