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The smart home battery backup system designed to help you save on electricity costs and protect against blackouts.


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Your Smart Home Battery Storage System

The world’s smartest home battery system

The Electriq PowerPod is a fully-integrated energy storage, management and monitoring system that includes safe lithium-ion batteries and a hybrid solar/battery inverter controlled by intelligent software. The sleek design minimizes wiring and space requirements while enabling battery capacity to scale up to meet almost any home or light commercial need.


With or without solar, always have backup power

The PowerPod automatically transfers your home’s energy usage to battery when it detects a power outage. Ensure peace-of-mind knowing that food is always refrigerated, lights are on, and that your family is safe.

Save up to 25% on your utility

When paired with solar, the Electriq PowerPod is the perfect way to automatically save money while paying the lowest possible cost for your energy.

Timeline View on the Electriq Power App for iPhone

Take Complete Control with the Electriq Power App

Our intelligent software combines weather, utility rate, and historical solar production and energy consumption data to continually drive energy efficiency and improve system performance to meet your specifically tailored goals.


Industrial sketch of the Electriq Power PowerPod

Technical Specs

AC Output Power (Load/Grid)
5.5 kW / 5 kW

Max AC Solar (String/Micro)
5 kW / 6.5 kW

Usable Capacity (kWh)
11.4, 17.1, 22.8, 28.5, 34.2

Operating Modes
Backup, TOU, Self-Supply, Zero Export

Size (W x H x D) (inches)
Refer to full spec sheet

DC or AC

Output Power – Instant
7.5 kW

Output Power – Continuous
4.5 kW (11.4 kWh-Only) / 5.5 kW (All Other Sizes)

Roundtrip Efficiency
AC – 86%
DC – 92%

Temp Range
-10°C – 55°C

Max Altitude
3000 meters

AC – Up to 4 systems
DC – Up to 3 systems

Enclosure Rating
Indoor / IP20

Works With Generators

10 Years

N.A., Intl. and
Grid Standards

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