Affected by PSPS Outages?

The PowerPod 2 is the smart home battery backup system designed to save on electricity costs and protect against blackouts.


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Your Smart Home Battery Storage System

The world’s smartest home battery system

Introducing the all-new Electriq PowerPod 2, an all-in-one solution with even more power output than before. Experience longer-lasting battery life, increased reliability, and enhanced safety with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. The sleek design minimizes wiring and space requirements while enabling battery capacity to scale up to meet almost any home or light commercial need.


With or without solar, always have backup power

The PowerPod 2 automatically transfers your home’s energy usage to battery when it detects a power outage. Ensure peace-of-mind knowing that food is always refrigerated, lights are on, and that your family is safe.

Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

When paired with home solar panels, the PowerPod 2 can optimize their efficiency, reducing electricity bills and substantially increasing your power resiliency.

Timeline View on the Electriq Power App for iPhone

Take Complete Control with the Electriq Power App

Our intelligent software combines weather, utility rate, and historical solar production and energy consumption data to continually drive energy efficiency and improve system performance to meet your specifically tailored goals.

Technical Specs

AC Output Power (Load/Grid)
7.6 kW / 7.6 kW

Usable Capacity (kWh)
10, 15, 20

Operating Modes
Backup, TOU, and Self-Supply

Size (W x H x D) (inches)
27.5″ x 50″ x 9″ (Battery) & 18″ x 33.7” x 6″ (Inverter)

Output Power – Instant
5.76 kW (10 kWh),  9.12 kW (15, 20 kWh)

Output Power – Continuous
5.76 kW (10 kWh),  7.6 kW (15, 20 kWh)

Efficiency (DC-Only)
PV (Max) – 97.6%
PV (CEC) – 97.2%

Temp Range
0°C – 50°C

Max Altitude
3000 meters

Enclosure Rating
Outdoor (NEMA 3R)

10 Years

Seamless Installation & Activation with Electriq PowerTools

After becoming a certified installer, use Electriq’s PowerTools app to easily commission and validate your PowerPod system installations.

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  • Mike K.
    "PowerPod was the easiest battery solution we've installed. We were happy with the process and the materials provided. It was nice not to have to run to our distributor for extra parts. Engineering and installation support was best in class. We enjoyed having someone to talk to when we got stuck a few times. They were very accessible. We set the system in "savings" mode to benefit from the load shifting capability of the system. Before we left the site, we gave the customer a tutorial on how to change the system setting on their phone in case they need to go into back up mode."
    Mike K.
  • Dejan O.
    "PowerPod has a very logical structure and it is easy to install. Manual is needed the first time to familiarize yourself with the product, parts are marked well and relatively self-explanatory. It is nice that additional battery modules could be added to existing enclosures even at a later time. From installers perspective, PowerPod is one of the least head-achy energy storage systems to put together. EP engineer was available over the phone right away and he is even coming to support us in the field. They are also very good at providing feedback on existing installs."
    Dejan O.
  • Kevin G.
    "After the initial 1st-time installation, the entire process is pretty easy to install. In many ways, it is a one-man installation as the battery packs are easily managed by one person. Above all other things, the support from Electriq Power is the best in the field. From sales support to installation to web connectivity and installer commissioning, EP is right there the whole time."
    Kevin G.
  • Heyward R.
    "The Electriq system lets me monitor and control my power flow in real time. I love it."
    Heyward R.
  • Jay A.
    "I used to receive a credit for the energy my solar produced during the middle of the day at a much higher rate. When my rate plan changed, and energy became more expensive at than during the middle of the day, I decided to go with the PowerPod. The PowerPod stores excess solar energy that I'm producing during the day, so that I can use that energy instead of the grid during the higher rates in the evening."
    Jay A.
  • Dr. Lemuel M.
    "There was no gasoline or gas smell around my house...the street smelled, but my family was spared. Backup power came on immediately without the need for me to manually turn on a generator or flip a switch. I’ll start spreading the good word about [Electriq PowerPod]."
    Dr. Lemuel M.

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